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Undue Noise at Castlemaine Fringe Festival

Monday 16th March

Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine

$10 admission.


Solo project of Tim Townsend, who uses treated samples, software synths and voice to express his view of the world, which at the moment is pretty dim. Expect walls of sound, disembodied screams and disjointed electronica which make most black metal seem tame.

Lizzie Pogson

Lizzie Pogson’ collects and abstracts field recordings. By juxtaposing natural and synthetic sound material in different combinations recorded natural spaces act as environments for the inclusion of synthetic sounds and vice versa. Lizzie lives in Trentham, VIC.

 http:// lizziepogson.com

Paul Fletcher's Organic Chaos

Paul Fletcher premieres a new audiovisual instrument and presents an animated video and sound performance of organic chaos and machine like minimalism. Precomposed, decomposed and improvised. A bizarre soap opera of digital puppets in micro and macro landscapes. A playful mix of manic and mundane,natural environments and surreal psychedelia. More info at http://digitalcompost.net


With 22 albums of electronic weirdness behind him, Ross Healy will perform live on his modular systems for all and sundry.  Cray is one of Ross' many aliases named after the super computer. Cray's sound is like computer language coming to life. Nice interview with Ross at  http://www.cyclicdefrost.com/2014/03/ross-healy-interview-by-innerversitysound/