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artists from central victoria that have performed at undue noise

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dot commies is alex & derrick mccathie

Natasha Anderson

Natasha Anderson was raised in Bendigo, but her musical career flourished after moving to Melbourne,. She has performed at undue noise solo and with international group Thymolphthalein. Her first album was released on Bendigo label cajid media. She was recently awarded an Australia Council fellowship to create a body of work exploring new possibilities in electroacoustic composition and performance  http://www.natashaanderson.net/

Atmos Ensemble

Castlemaine based improv group formed by simon howard, and now led by scott sanders: membership variable but has included xanya mamunya, larry apedaile, peter winn, scott sanders, jude russell, simon howard. They love extended improv sessions.

Justin Bull

Justin Bull’s freely improvised guitar with roots in Improv/Free Jazz (and more) has been a regular feature at undue noise since day 1 in various collaborations like soft black stars, planet caravan, neon mars guitars and brakhage, iSon E, osmium as well as soloing as misty ra, and jj bull

P. Justin Butler

Justin, who now performs as Juzzmezz,  has a long involvement in  the experimental/ punk scene in Adelaide, but now lives near Daylesford . Synths & more. “Improvisation is an action in real time to do what is transparent: But underneath my atmospheres we all human pumping”  https://soundcloud.com/juzzmezz

Warren Burt

Warren Burt (b. 1949), composer, performer, video maker, sound poet, instrument builder.  Lives and works in Daylesford, Vic. and teaches at Box Hill Institute, Melbourne.  Has performed his works worldwide.  Is most recently working on a series of live interactive microtonal performances using iPad and Android tablet platforms.  More info at www.warrenburt.com

Pete Byrne

From drums to various kitchen utensils and toys, Pete has been with undue noise since day 1 performing in bands likemSoft Black Stars, Planet Caravan, Sore (see Sore for more), Runny The Tadpole. Also random drum supplier for visiting artists. His new solo stuff is Luxurywolf/Blackworm


Cray is Ross Healy. Ross has been heavily involved with electronic music since the early 90's. Releasing recordings for labels in Australia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ireland and the U.S under many different names (This Digital Ocean, Amnesia, Siko Spunji, Roland Oberheim, Ryou Oonishi,56k and Cray) covering many styles of electronic music, Avant improv electronics, Experimental computer music, Noise, Industrial, Techno, Ambient, IDM and Drum n Bass. As well as his lust for electronic music making , Ross has also co-run  Global Warming (popular club in the late 90's), written for Digital magazine, remixed (demixed) artists work, designed web page sounds, had his music used in TV shows and commercials and has performed live around the globe. Ross is also the founding member of VICMOD, they teach people how to build (solder electronic) modular synthesizers. Less

Sites: YouTube,  vicmod.net   vicmod.blogspot.com  Amnesia (2)   Roland Oberheim (2)    Ross Healy    Ryou Oonishi

Paul Fletcher

As a young teenager Paul started collecting and experimenting with  super 8 film, home made electronics, old record players and reel to reel tape recorders , some of these caught fire some made great looping  sounds imitating and inspired by hearing Robert Fripp and Terry Riley pieces . Some  of these experiments just made  strange noises inspired by nothing other than accident. A suitcase  of old percussion instruments including a cymbal on a spring and a large  wooden bass drum found for under a hundred dollars in an "antique" shop lead to an interest in drum kit playing which found a good home in the group Essendon Airport in the 1980's. Clifton Hill Community Centre " New Music" evenings fed Paul's interest and opportunities for experimental film and music. Many moons and years later Paul is none the wiser but still just fascinated with sound and image.  Undue Noise events in Bendigo as audience member, film screenings  and  audio visualperformer have continued to grow this interest. The repurposing of once shiny  domestic  household appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, has  been used to create custom interfaces or instruments for video and sound performance. Digital processing has been used to create sound and moving  image simultaneously and in response to each other as solo and collaborative works -some of which  never should see the light of day and  some have appeared at Undue Noise events and or online at Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages.

Sound  https://soundcloud.com/digital-compost and https://digitalcompost.bandcamp.com/

Video  https://vimeo.com/channels/animatedsoundvisions

Hidden Creatures: http://www.digitalcompost.net/hidden-creatures/

Website;  www.digitalcompost.net


 is the sporadic sound art of vocalist Tim Townsend. Consisting of stolen loops, field recordings, moans and groans and improvised vocal’s the artist/ mental health social worker Tim Townsend will articulate beauty disgust in this mad world.

Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is a visual artist whose work encompasses sound, light, video, electronics and sculptural installations. His work focusses on the relations between the viewer and the work and the generative capacities of the art event. He has degrees in drawing and painting, and drawing (honours) from Latrobe University and Victorian College of the Arts respectively, and is currently a PhD candidate at Monash University, where his research involves a rethinking of interactivity through process philosophy.


Simon Howard

Maldon based before moving to NZ, Simon was a major figure in undue noise, promoting free improv at every opportunity, including the formation of the Atmos Ensemble. Also a member of Neon Mars Guitars and Double Other. He also made some great experimental films.

Edward R Jones

Ed’s keyboard appeared at early undue noise events using the monikers koba no gomi & loscha, also in reverse engineers (with bill harrison))

Bridget Keena

Klare Lanson

Klare Lanson is a performance maker, poet and sound artist. She’s made work about technology, memory, environment and place for over 15 years. Her sound work stems from manipulated field recordings, interviews and sounds found in the everyday. Her spoken word and poetry has been published in journals such as the Australian Poetry Journal, Overland, Cordite and Going Down Swinging. She performs live regularly, has toured internationally a few times and recently created a soundscape for Stephan Barron’s short film 'Traits', played recently on webSYNradio. She writes monthly for Trouble Magazine and presents a spoken word, music and sound art radio show 'Turn Left at the Baco' every Saturday night on Castlemaine community radio 94.9 MAINfm. Her most recent project is #wanderingcloud, an immersive work about recent flood events, in collaboration with Clocked Out Duo, Jacques Soddell and Andree. Cozens Her current project is Commute, a new collaboration with Damian Mason, experimenting with GPS tracking data, sound, poetry and conversation to articulate a collective experience of commuting in Central Victoria. This project was created through semi-improvised performances at Undue Noise and further developed and presented through a 2014 Punctum Inc seedpod residency. https://soundcloud.com/klarelanson     http://klarelanson.tumblr.com/

Jesse Lynch

Bendigo drone guitarist now living in Melbourne, performing solo as The Lonely Drone. Also one half of Pioneers of Good Science.  http://thelonelydrone.bandcamp.com/      https://www.facebook.com/TheLonelyDrone

Stephen Marton (Fracture, The Immediatists)

Fracture are a improvisation/sound manipulation group with members from both Bendigo and Melbourne. They’re interested primarily in sound manipulation. Regular concepts of progression, time and melody are set aside in favour of textural and timbral sonic manipulation, which are, most of the time, composed completely in the moment.

A Million Bright Ambassadors of Morning

Formed in Bendigo  this drone guitar band played a couple of great undue noise gigs in 2007-8 before moving to Melbourne. the members are Tyler Heenan (guitars), Chris Lunardi (bass, guitars), Lucas Heenan (percussion) and Tim Boelen (guitars)… The band name is a lyric taken from Pink Floyd’s song Echoes…

Maree McLachlan – Tonkin

Maree is a Bendigo based street photographer and  a graduate of Latrobe University where she studied sociology and majored in Photojournalism /Multimedia. Previous exhibitions include When the World Said No to War at the Museum of Sydney, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Bendigo Art Gallery, Global Gallery -Sydney, Pine Street Creative Arts Centre – Sydney, curator of  Bendigo’s , Dr Karanka’s  Print Stravaganza and online galleries Australian Street Photography and Australian Stories. Maree was an early contributor and collaborator in 2006 Shhhh at Allan’s Walk , she continues to support UNDUE artists through her work at the City of Greater Bendigo.

Damian Mason


Noisy Fractals:  Noisy Fractals was started as a free jazz poetry project in Tasmania by steve d'Avis (alto sax/voice/percussion) in 2012, mainly focusing on live impromptu performances. The project featured at the recent Castlemaine Fringe Festival, now includes Jude Russell (keys) & Peter (hand-made bass) and explores influences via free jazz.


minoR:1000 -> futuRe electric tweaked fReaked nu old school beats.

we live inside the univeRsal souRce code.

https://soundcloud.com/minor-1000       https://soundcloud.com/weird-music-society



Rex Hardjadibrata plays noise, glitch, microsound, minimal, electronic and experimental... oh and also plays guitar prepared, unprepared, slide in a mix of experimental genres. can be found on the Sound Crucible label http://soundcrucible.com/ and www.facebook.com/soundcrucible and https://soundcloud.com/soundcrucible, also albums found on Bandcamp.

Neon Mars Guitars guitar improv from 4 local guitarists: Justin Bull, Simon Howard, Mathew Underwood and Brett Marshall.

OaX ia a noise project featuring phoenix-fm’s “metal“ mick derrick and melbourne based matt roberts (known for his days in legendary bendigo band meester), they have also appeared under the name bouquet, as a trio with dean stanton (healing brand) and also as part of OaXface Distortion (an amalgam of melbourne’s blankface distortion and OaX)


i3 Future primitives banging pots and bending circuits. A truly improvised experimental project, zero rehearsal ensures a genuine exploration into unknown sonic territories. Moments of complete cohesion and unity, punctuated with the awkwardness of the search, PRIMIDIAN challenges nearly everything normal. Dean Stanton, Bohdan Dower and Old World Sparrow


A dark ambient project evoking freezing, desolate soundscapes, haunted by echoes of dying machinery and corrosive bursts of noise. Now Melbourne-based Darcy Long performed at the very first undue noise as sig.int http://soundcloud.com/rotteur

Jude Russell

Castlemaine based improv pianist. First undue noise performances were with with Atmos Ensemble, but has more recently performed with various other local artists, including Muttboy & Jacques Soddell and now regularly appears with Kris Wanders free jazz group.

The Runny Tadpole

new Bendigo experimental 3 piece improv group with Theremin, Kaossilator, home made instruments, drums & effects

Scott Sanders

A classically-trained composer, rock/pop/electronic producer, contemporary performer, choral conductor and

event manager, Scott has a rich and eclectic background reflecting his wide range of tastes and interests. As a composer Scott writes in a post-modern style – or rather, in a multitude of styles, drawing from sources

as far apart as renaissance polyphony, chromatic modulation, quartal harmony and mathematical manipulation

to create a music which is undoubtedly consistent, yet varied stylistically and orchestrally. As a rock/pop/electronic composer and producer, Scott transcends the popular traditional harmonic settings, shunning the standard chord progression palette with original movements based on common-tone and macrotonal theories. As a performer Scott shows his willingness to experience the full range of tonal and timbral possibilities, proficient in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, analog and digital synthesizer, and vocals spanning a range of two and a half octaves. His recent expansion into choral direction and conducting has been the result of many years of dedicated study into the voice. Parallel to this, Scott has combined his flair for administration and his education in music technology to

become a successful music event manager and arts administrator. As 2011 Festival Director and current Chair

for the Castlemaine Fringe, Scott has been able to apply his extensive education and experience to support

and facilitate other artists and musicians in the expression of their own arts practice. \

www.thehouseofandersen.com     soundcloud.com/the-house-of-andersen

Jake Saxon

(aka Harlequin aka Djedi) is a central victorian based live sound engineer who dabbles in home electronica. As a retired DJ who wandered thru everything from PsyAmbient to NuDisco Jake has turned to home studio production and jamming. An eclectic collection of obscure 21st century synths and familiar 20th century drum machines keep him company. soundcloud.com/harlequin

Catherine Schieve

Catherine Schieve (b. 1956) composer, visual artist, web dessigner, writer, curator.  Lives and works in Daylesford, Vic., and is the proprietor of Ozkiva Native American jewelry, Daylesford.  Most recently, artist-in-residence at the University of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, exhibiting and producing performances of her massive graphic score "Shading." www.catherineschieve.net    www.ozkiva.com

Jacques Soddell

Jacques is a former microbiologist who rejuvenated himself as a  sound artist producing electroacoustic music by manipulating field recordings to produce new textures.  He produces sounds for live performance, gallery installation, theatre & dance. He also produces abstract short films/visual  music. He’s also passionate about promoting experimental art through undue noise concerts,  possible musics radio show (1983-2013), live arts group punctum & record label cajid media. He also dabbles in algorithmic music, making fungal music with his wife Fran. Recent projects include Frozen Moment, released on French label kaon as part of its La Riviere series, sound design for Chi Vu’s Banh Chung, Film improv for Klare Lanson’s #wanderingcloud and a sound commission, concrete, for international network radia.fm . An excerpt from Frozen Moment was heard at the NGV’s Melbourne Now exhibition in the Now Hear This section. http://jacquessoddell.com      https://soundcloud.com/jacques-soddell      jacquessoddell.bandcamp.com


Thembi Soddell

Thembi Soddell (b.1980) is a sound artist and electroacoustic composer, raised in Bendigo and now resident in Clunes after a long period in Melbourne. Her volatile sonic worlds morph, shift, rupture and dis-rupture into filmic atmospheres with a distinctly disquieting edge. Contorted into unreal environments and luscious masses of sonic textures, her sound palate sources field recordings, instruments, and electronics to be suggestive but often unidentifiable. Her compositions exploit the dynamic extremes, toying with the listener’s sense of expectation by generating anticipatory suspense. Her main interest lies in the exploration of psychological and emotional experience.

She creates work for recording, installation, live performance, and concert presentation. Her CV includes the release of four major recording projects on CD (including two collaborative albums with Anthea Caddy); works exhibited at the Parisonic Festival (Paris 2011), the National Gallery of Australia (Online 2004) and the SFMOMA (San Francisco 2002); solo performances at Australian experimental music festivals such as the Totally Huge New Music Festival (Perth 2009), What Is Music? (Melbourne 2004) the Liquid Architecture Festival of Sound Art (Auckland 2006, Sydney 2005, Melbourne 2001); and two European tours in duo with Anthea Caddy that included performances at the Hörkunstfestival (Erlangen 2006), Biegungen Festival (Berlin 2009) and Instants Chavirés (Paris 2006).

Alongside Thembi’s solo work, she also has an ongoing duo with cellist, Anthea Caddy, and has performed with experimental musicians such as Jakob Brandt-Pedersen, Dave Brown, Tony Buck, Jim Denley, Anthony Pateras, Camilla Hannan, Jerome Noetinger, Philip Samartzis, Eamon Sprod, Joe Talia, and James Wilkinson. Thembi has a BA in Media Arts (2002) and is a graduate with honours in sound art (2005) from RMIT University’s School of Art, where she is now a PhD candidate. She also assists in running the Australian experimental music label, Cajid Media.


Planet Caravan

Free improv band featuring justin bull, simon howard, mathew underwood, pete byrne

Lizzie Pogson

Lizzie’s practice involves the collection and abstraction of field recordings. By juxtaposing natural and synthetic sound material in different combinations recorded natural spaces act as environments for the inclusion of synthetic sounds and vice versa. Having trained as a classical violinist, many of Lizzie’s works are overtly musical.. Lizzie has participated in numerous performances and installations alongside prominent Australian and international artists. She has exhibited and performed her compositions in the Melbourne International Arts Festival, at West Space Gallery (Melbourne), and at PICA (Perth). In 2010/11 her work featured in the group show ‘Magnetic Traces’ in both Melbourne and Paris. She recently had a piece in the NGV’s Melbourne Now show in the Now Hear This section.


Soft Black Stars

Free improv group from Bendigo appeared at the very first undue noise (justin bull, derrick mccathie, pete byrne, sarah phillips) and performed a number of times before disbanding. Reformed for a special reunion at our 10th anniversary celebration, Sonic Decadence.


Sore are a two piece experimental drone/doom outfit out of Bendigo, Australia. Their sound combines crushing riffs and droning guitars backed by solid hammering drum beats. Sounding more like a five piece live, thanks to Lee’s full backline and plethora of effects units that demand your full aural attention. At a thunderous and distressing volume, this duo is on a mission to destroy. Members. Lee Chatterton - Guitars/Vocals Pete Byrne - Drums/Vocals. SORE have the following releases available: - E.P. (5 tracks) Self Titled,   'Throttlestomper' live bootleg CD (recorded live at Undue Noise),  'PLEATED HEAD WOUND' CD & DVD combo – a double bowel assault for the masses!, CARBONBLACKSTORM – full length CD. Tracks can be downloaded from: www.mp3.com.au/sore www.myspace.com/carbonblackstorm

Dean Stanton

has been a working sound experimentalist since 2000. He has exhibited and performed at various galleries and venues throughout the state, and has performed at several undue noise gigs since it’s inception. Surrounding himself with home-made electronic instruments and circuit bent toy collections, the familiar gets minced in the Absurdifier. Has performed as deanobody 35 and in Primidian


Michael Shippard & Steve Jacobs loved their Amiga’s and created some great beats in the early days of undue noise

Mathew Underwood

Mathew is a guitarist, saxophonist and composer.  During the 1980s he studied composition with Keith Humble and Ted Dollarhide at La Trobe University. As an improviser Mathew has performed at many Undue Noise events, Castlemaine Fringe Festivals and The Avantgarde Festival in Germany.  He has had the pleasure of performing with legendary German band Faust at the Mimi Festival in France and with Geoff Leigh (Henry Cow), Cathy Heyden,  Shizuku Aosaki and Sawada at The Avantgarde Festival.  Mathew has been a member of Neon Mars Guitars, Blankface Distortion, Planet Caravan and Atmos ensemble.  Playing with sounds, manipulating samples and wondering what surprises

pop up are among Mathew's musical pleasures.

Zoe Volpato

Zoe is trained, classically, in piano and works across visual/sound art mediums with improvised sound, poetry, installation. She has collaborated on various sound/art projects across Central Victoria and Melbourne including ‘Wandering Cloud’ (Castlemaine State Festival 2015), ‘Things Vinegar Won’t Fix’ (Fringe, 2015) ‘Quiet City’ George Paton, Melbourne and has been represented in Group Shows at Red Gallery Melbourne in photography and drawing. Zoe has performed improvised sound and poetry at the Castlemaine Jazz Festival for the last 3 years. She is and Art and English teacher.  https://soundcloud.com/zoe-volpato

Kris Wanders

One of the most powerful tenor saxophonists, Kris Wanders was at the birth of European Improvised Music in the 1960's. A member of the seminal Globe Unity Orchestra his collaborators of the time included Peter Brotzmann, Louis Moholo and Fred van Hove, Willem Breuker, Kees Hazevoet, Peter Kowald, Stu Martin, Han Bennink, Gunther Hampel , Irene Schweitzer, Joost Buis, Johannes Bauer, Dave Liebman etc… Now a resident of Maryborough Australia, Kris Wanders regularly plays internationally


Kurt Weibgen

was a regular in the early days, appearing in many combos such as Atbash Cypher (jason waters, kurt weibgen),  better lufthansa (kurt weibgen, tim harper) and Multiple Organisation (kurt weibgen & marcus swinburne)

Julian Williams: Julian has earned his impro chops through years of live performances and recordings with the hi god people who have just played liquid architecture in the Abbotsford convent but have played over the years with sonic youth, sunn 0, the residents and many others in their almost 20 year existence.

Julian Williams / Hamish Smith

Julian and Hamish first collaborated at undue noise in 2016. and made prog like improvisations with guitars and instruments Hamish made like some kind of slide monster. Expect ghostly words from Julian and a journey from ambient to Epsom noise factory and back again.

Rob Wrigley

Performed as Drumheller, his solo guitar project, before moving to Melbourne. Also plays in East Brunswick All Girls Choir & Witch Hats.  hear some sounds