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Australian International Animation Festival, Bendigo screenings

FRIDAY 14th November - co -presented with UNDUE NOISE

International Abstract Animation Program /Animated Visual Music  with Live Contemporary and Experimental Music & Film Performances 8.30 pm @ Old Fire Station View St. FREE

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Live Music with film

Anchor & the Butterfly (Bridget Robertson and Lance Hillier) will perform their original music with music videos created for their recently released debut album. Highlight includes a hand drawn animation by Kain White. More info see : website www.anchorandthebutterfly.com

‘Beer and Chips’ a local and internationally flavored live cinema improvisation from Paul Fletcher/Digital Compost.  Related film work at https://vimeo.com/channels/animatedsoundvisions

Concrete Abstraction

Images & sounds of recent travels by Jacques Soddell heavily processed to create a visual analog to musique concrete. Poetic & noisy. The music is jacques’ recent yellowstone composition, the visuals are improvised. More info and examples of sounds & film at http://jacquessoddell.com

Abstract Animation Showcase

Synesthesia : Michel Gagne USA, 5'41, 2013 (NL)

Snail Trail : Phillipp Artus Germany, 3'00, 2012 (NL)

Pencil Test : David Ehrlich China, 3'28, 2012 (NL)

Bird Shit : Caleb Wood USA, 0'40, 2013 (NL)

Koukou : Takashi Ohashi Japan, 6'00, 2013 (NL)

Pop Psychology - Messages From Synapse 27 : Paul Fletcher Australia, 3'14, 2013 (NL)

The Black Rectangle : Rhyane Vermette USA, 1'30, 2013 (NL)

Machinalement (v. 32) : Jean Detheux Canada, 6'00, 2012 (NL)

Sumi Dreams : Betsy Kopmar USA, 5'30, 2013 (NL)

Barcode III.0 : Adriaan Lokman Holland, 8'30, 2013 (NL)

Triptyque : Pierre Trudeau Canada, 3'10, 2012 (NL)

Virtous Virtuell : Thomas Stellmach, Maja Oschmann Germany, 7'30, 2013 (NL)

Recycled : Lei Lei, Thomas Sauvin China, 5'32, 2012 (NL)

Sponsored by the City of Greater Bendigo.