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Undue Noise Inc presents Sonic Decadence

 Old Fire Station, View St Bendigo

 Sat 28th April 2 & 8pm

 Sun 29th April 2 & 8 pm

 Admission $5 per session

Since April 2002, undue noise has presented almost 70 concerts of experimental music in Bendigo & Castlemaine, featuring central victorian, melbourne, interstate and international artists. This year we celebrate our 10th birthday with a 2 day festival in Bendigo called SONIC DECADENCE: celebrating 10 years of undue noises in central victoria. It will feature 24 acts covering many styles of experimental music & free improv. including the appearance of 3 acts that appeared on the very first Undue Noise in April 2002. For more info contact undue@cajid.com or 0421786595 (jacques) Realtime magazine wrote an article about us.

Sat 28th April afternoon (2pm)

 Dean Stanton




 Mike Conolan

 Atmos Ensemble

Sat 28th April evening (8pm)

 Kristian Roberts



 VICMOD Ensemble

 The Runny Tadpole

 Soft Black Stars

Sun 29th April afternoon (2pm)

 JJ Bull



 Admin Bldg

 Tim Catlin

 OaXface Distortion

Sun 29th April evening (8pm)

 Wun Thong

 Dr. Aardvarks Table O Gadgets (aka Warren Burt)

 Jacques Soddell

 Astrid Notarangelo


 Rosalind Hall & David Brown

Artist bios


Admin Bldg are a sax and drums duo comprising members of Paul Kidney Experience and The Donkeys Tail. They have played five shows of faux-jazz, free-bop, post-blues, random-afro, breakdown-drone-out-electroloop-sax… They appeared on ‘Sonic Array’ compilation (Dreamland Recordings), ‘The Shape Of Sound Vol 2′ compilation (Iceage Productions) and are on the New Weird Australia/Fallopian Tunes collaborative release, ‘Moss and Gloss’. Thay are about to record for a split cassette release with Bonnie Mercer (Grey Daturas/Breathing Shrine) – this will be an edition of 9 cassette tapes, each with different hand made covers and labels. Listen to Admin Bldg on Soundcloud

Atmos Ensemble

Astrid Notarangelo

JJ Bull. Justin Bull’s freely improvised guitar with roots in Improv/Free Jazz (and more) has been a regular feature at undue noise since day 1 in various collaborations like soft black stars, planet caravan, neon mars guitars and brakhage, as well as soloing as misty ra.

Tim Catlin is a Melbourne based guitarist and sound artist whose practice centres around drone-based, immersive works primarily using electric and acoustic guitar, with a combination of different techniques, effects and mixing methodologies, including guitar preparations, customised playing devices and home-built electronic effects, electronics, and modified guitar design; and the results produce finely textured and shifting fields of sound. He has performed at What is Music, Liquid Architecture, and Articulating Space festivals and collaborated with Otomo Yoshihide, Phill Niblock, Jason Kahn, Mike Cooper, David Brown, Philip Samartzis, Rod Cooper and many others.

Cray abstract laptop & electronic sounds from Ross Healy, co-founder of the VICMOD label which features Australian and International experimental music.

Dr. Aardvarks Table O Gadgets  Warren Burt’s music toys include netbook, Android Pad, Kaoss pads, iPhone, Android Phone, and his little hardware board instruments http://www.warrenburt.com/

Forcefedsmile is the sporadic sound art of vocalist Tim Townsend. Consisting of stolen loops, field recordings, moans and groans and improvised vocal’s the artist/ mental health social worker Tim Townsend will articulate beauty disgust in this mad world.

Fracture are a improvisation/sound manipulation group with members from both Bendigo and Melbourne. They’re interested primarily in sound manipulation. Regular concepts of progression, time and melody are set aside in favour of textural and timbrel sonic manipulation, which are, most of the time, composed completely in the moment.

Rosalind Hall and David Brown revisit their prepared saxophone and prepared guitar duo. One: Small amplifiers exude resonant tones on the periphery of feedback, gently coaxing light, metallic oscillations from foreign bodies inserted and dangled in brass bells, all held afloat by percussive clacks and vibrations Adolphe Sax always secretly envisioned. Two: Weird intonations ring from purposely shortened strings while tiny motors create their own lightly amplified siren-tones. Tiny chains interfere with the doings of Lilliputian, magnetic microphones that join discarded street-sweeper bits to agitate everything. One and Two dance a blind dance of hope.

Monolith began in the winter of 2011 creating walls of industrial space drone occasionally utilising beats and vocal cut ups. Releases include two albums and tracks on New Weird Australia’s “Unpopular Music 2011″ compilation and Iceage Productions “The Shape Of Sound Vol.2″ compilation. Facebook


Muttboy has recently arrived in Castlemaine from Byron Bay. He will be performing music from the upcoming CD release “Wave Generations (Dog Is Life)” out on the Sound Crucible label, as well as totally new pulsing electronic improvisations.

OaXface Distortion Members of OaX and Blankface Distortion team up for a noise/drone jam.

Primidian is 3 Future primitives banging pots and bending circuits. A truly improvised experimental project, zero rehearsal ensures a genuine exploration into unknown sonic territories. Moments of complete cohesion and unity, punctuated with the awkwardness of the search, PRIMIDIAN challenges nearly everything normal. Dean Stanton, Bohdan Dower and Old World Sparrow

Kristian M. Roberts is a composer who uses field recordings and found sound. He has written, exhibited and performed pieces for dance, multi-channel installations, and a number of film and video art scores. He has also exhibited nationally and internationally as part of MIFF (2010/2011), written for the Magnetic Traces/Parisonic festival (Paris 2011), performed in the INA-GRM Multiphonies Concert Series (Paris 2011) and recently the What Is Music? festival.

Rotteur. A dark ambient project evoking freezing, desolate soundscapes, haunted by echoes of dying machinery and corrosive bursts of noise. Now Melbourne-based Darcy Long performed at the very first undue noise as sig.int http://soundcloud.com/rotteur

The Runny Tadpole new Bendigo experimental 3 piece improv group with Theramin, Kaossilator, home made instruments, drums & effects

Jacques Soddell is a microbiologist turned sound artist producing electroacoustic music by manipulating field recordings to produce new textures. He’s also passionate about promoting experimental art through undue noise, liquid architecture, possible musics, punctum & record label cajid media. He also dabbles in algorithmic music, making fungal music with wife Fran. A mini cd Frozen Moment was released last year on French label kaon as part of its La Riviere series. http://cajid.com/jacques-soddell-cv.html

Soft Black Stars Free improv group from Bendigo appeared at the very first undue noise. A special reunion for this special occasion.

Dean Stanton has been a working sound experimentalist since 2000. He has exhibited and performed at various galleries and venues throughout the state, and has performed at several undue noise’s since it’s inception. Surrounding himself with home-made electronic instruments and circuit bent toy collections, the familiar gets minced in the Absurdifier.

VICMOD Ensemble VICMOD is a group of modular synth enthusiasts that meets monthly in Melbourne to build and discuss modular synthesisers. Tonight you’ll hear their ensemble, The VICMOD Ensemble, who recently had a great show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. VICMOD is also Kyneton based Ross Healy’s record label that features great Australian and International experimental music.

Wun Thong (aka Carolyn Teo) is a poet and accomplished BS artist who creates experimental music in the genre of Tropical Western Swing. Using elements of chance and improvisation, Wun Thong hypnotizes his audience with his visual aesthetic, mystical balls andexotic bird calls. Wun has spent much of his life in rural Wandiligong, Victoria, which has had a remarkable and original influence on his musical style. Wun was the only son of a Chinese gold miner named Tu, who tragically died in the mines while Wun was still a young child. The only memory that was left of his father was his love of poetry and a shoebox of correspondence letters from his father’s long time friend Puerto Punos. Puerto Punos became an inspiration to Wun and through his letters he could see that Puerto had already been a great BS artist before the movement even came to be. Wun Thong continues to create music and poetry in honour of Tu Thong and Puerto Punos.