undue noise

experimental music in central victoria

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sat feb 1, 2014, old fire station, bendigo, 8pm, $10

we are excited to present an evening of experimental music by central victorian musicians & international visitors.old fire station view st bendigo

Viv Corringham (UK/USA) & Jacques Soddell // voice & computer improv

Sally Ann MacIntyre (NZ) // electronics

Klare Lanson & Damian Mason // text & texture: improvised ritual

Muttboy // minimal electronica

Thanks to City of Greater Bendigo Cultural Grants program & cajid media for support.

some bios

Viv Corringham ( vocalist, composer and sound artist – UK/USA http://vivcorringham.org/

Viv, currently based in Minneapolis, USA, has worked internationally since the early 1980s. Her work includes music performances, audio installations and soundwalks.  She is interested in exploring people’s special relationship with familiar places and how that links to an interior landscape of personal history, memory and association. Her ongoing project Shadow-walks has been presented in gallery shows from New York to Istanbul to Hong Kong.  Her educational background and awards include an MA Sonic Art with Distinction from Middlesex University, London, England and a BA Theatre Design from Nottingham Trent University, England. She is a certified teacher of Deep Listening, having studied with composer Pauline Oliveros.  She is a 2012 and 2006 McKnight Composer Fellow. Other grants and awards have come from Jerome Meet the Composer, the English and Irish Arts Councils, Jazz Services, Millennium Funding, London Arts Board, Chisenhale Awards, Creative Partnerships and Awards for All. Recent performances: Shadow-walks: Hong Kong – Around Sound Art Festival, soundpocket, Hong Kong 2013 (residency, installation); Singing In Place – Tempo Reale Festival, Florence, Italy 2012 (solo performance); Shadow-walks: Florence – Radio Papesse, Florence, Italy 2012 (radio art, residency);  Soundworks –ICA, London, UK 2012 (group show); Her Noise Festival – Tate Modern, London, UK 2012 (lecture/performance); Arrivals: Kingston – Deep Listening Institute, Kingston, NY, USA 2012 (GPS-linked iPhone app); Walking with Paul Halupka – C33 Gallery, Chicago, USA 2011 (audio installation); Rembetronika –An Insolent Noise Festival, Pisa, Italy; Café Oto, London, UK 2011 (performance with Mike Cooper); Shadow-walks: Gowanus – Proteus Gowanus Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA 2011 (audio-walk); Shadow-walks: Kingston – Deep Listening Institute, Kingston, NY, USA 2010 (audio-installation, residency) etc.

Sally Ann McIntyre (Dunedin, New Zealand) http://radiocegeste.blogspot.com.au/

hosts the mini FM station radio cegeste 104.5FM as a solar or battery-powered, exploratory, nomadic platform for site-specific radio art projects, focusing on the airwaves as a revelatory medium for aspects of sited materiality, through an ongoing series of projects and programmes. working with small-radius, site-responsive transmission, location audio recording becomes a key element in the development of a ‘plein air’ radiophonics which works in-situ with the material (sonic and electromagnetic, architectural and social) elements of a site, encouraging explorations of the productive tension between a systematic cataloguing of archival elements, via mapping exercises and the collection and playback of sound libraries, and their deliberate destabilisation through the performative fragility of live transmission. an interest in the history of environmental sound in radio, including the use of 78rpm field recordings and valve shortwave, works in tandem with a focus on phonography as live and temporally situated, a tendency to take field recording back to the field, airwaves dissipating into the air, rather than reify them in the studio.