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Punctum presents Undue Noise

Sat 17th August at 2pm and 8pm

ICU @ 1 Halford St Castlemaine

Undue Noise and Punctum are holding a day of experimental music of many colours (free jazz, improv, beats, computer music, synths, noise & more), featuring mainly Central Victorian musicians

Probable order of playing (TBC)

Evening 8pm

Klare Lanson / Scott Sanders / Neil Boyack (Castlemaine/Newstead, words/sounds);

Tim Nohe (Baltimore, USA, regular visitor to central vic finally gets a chance to play), (laptop);

Muttboy (Castlemaine based textures / noise / beats);

Jacques Soddell (laptop) / Ross Healy (modular synth) / Paul Fletcher  (SoundSink);

Kris Wanders Quartet (Kris, now resident in Maryborough) is one of the figures the early European free jazz scene)  – with Dave Brown (bass) Jude Russell (keyboard) and Matt Arrowsmith (drums)

Afternoon 2pm

Jake Saxon (Castlemaine based Jake Martin debut performance with an American drone synth, an English single-oscillator sequencer, a delay and reverb pedal;

Damian Mason (Castlemaine, synths;

Fracture (Steve Marton (sax) / Vincent Giles (laptop+) (Bendigo/Melbourne);

Jude Russell (keyboard) / Muttboy (prepared guitar) / Jacques Soddell (lapotop) (Castlemaine/Bendigo;

Cray (Kyneton based electronics (modular synth/laptop). Ross Healy also runs Vicmod Records;

minoR1000 (Matt Hall was one of the founders of the Weird Music Society in Bendigo in the late 1990s. He’s back in Central Vic. Ending the session with some bass heavy stuff)

More Info:

Tim Nohe Timothy Nohe is an artist, composer and educator engaging traditional and electronic media in civic life and public places. He has presented his work in a range of venues: ISEA: Paris and the Baltic Sea; Ars Electronica; the Danish Institute of Electro-Acoustic Music; Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo; the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow; the Irish Museum of Modern Art; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; the Oxfringe Festival, Oxford; the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.; and the Museum of Jewish Heritage, New York. In 2012 he screened his HD animation *At the Walls of the Anthropocene* at Fed Square in Melbourne, Victoria in 2012. He was the recipient of a 2006 Fulbright Senior Scholar Award, and was awarded the Australian – American Fulbright Commission’s 2011 Fulbright Alumni Initiative Grant. Nohe has been the recipient of five Maryland State Arts Council Awards. A 2011 National Endowment for the Arts and William G. Baker Fund grant supported *My Station North: Sounds Surrounding Us*. Nohe is a tenured Professor and Founding Director of the Center for Innovation, Research and Creativity in the Arts [CIRCA] at UMBC. He is an Artist-in-Residence at the Centre for Creative Arts, and was granted the rank of Adjunct Professor at La Trobe University.

Kris Wanders http://www.kris-wanders.com/

Paul Fletcher http://www.digitalcompost.net

Klare Lanson http://klarelanson.net/#

Jacques Soddell http://cajid.com/jacques-soddell-cv.html

Cray/Ross Healy http://www.vicmod.net/artists/cray/cray.html

Muttboy/Rex Hardjadibrata runs label Sound Crucible http://soundcrucible.com/

Fracture http://archive.org/details/ca340_f

Jake Saxon soundcloud.com/harlequin Jake  is a Castlemaine based live sound engineer whose main

 practice is at  the Melbourne Recital Centre.In the past he has worked sound for  circus, musical theatre,

festivals and radio production. Jake's passion  for music began

with DJing at outdoor festivals then urban venues. In  recent

years he has built his own studio based around analog synthesis.

 A  love of house, techno, and disco music has led Jake to explore

it's  production and composition. The exploration of sound synthesis

leads to  his form 'Harmonic Noise. Jake will be debuting live with

an American  drone synth, an English single-oscillator sequencer, a

delay and reverb  pedal.